VBC Electro-Heat Sdn. Bhd.

The Source of Heat

VBC Electro-heat Sdn. Bhd. (VBC) was established in 1997 having its core business in OEM heating elements for home appliances.

Sixty percent of VBC’s heating elements manufactured are exported worldwide to major home appliance manufacturers, in Europe, North America, Russia and Asia (directly and indirectly).

Domestically, VBC supplies heating elements to major Malaysian manufacturers and OEMs for instantaneous shower heaters and storage tank heaters.

Backed by over 50 years of heating elements expertise, VBC has extended its role not only as an OEM, but also serves as a partner with customers in joint product development projects, through integration of its technical know-how and dynamic manufacturing process.

VBC’s range of products comprises of various types of Sheath Heater, Mica Heater and Glass heater produced within highly efficient manufacturing facilities and stringent quality standards.